The Wingspan Hits Airspace of HCCPHS


Thomas Trevino

Halle Graybill doing research with the Herald-Zeitung newspaper. We will have a hardcopy newspaper in the spring semester.

    You are reading HCCPHS’ brand new newspaper, brought to the student body by the sixth-period Journalism class. This first online edition has been a combined effort of around twelve students, tasked by their teachers; Mrs. Wiley, Ms. Ingman, and the official teacher, Ms. Franklin. It took a little more than a month to create this newspaper and all it entails. But why has this newspaper been made? Why is it being made now?

    We feel our newspaper will thrive in our family-like school. We have heard in our daily pledge and afternoon announcements “news” or important facts students need to hear. The Wingspan will help us reach the students and staff in a different way. This form of reaching out will be news stories, editorials, and even art submissions. 

    “I would love to have an art section where students can be recognized,” Mrs. Jones said. 

    The school now has a paper to announce any opportunities or clubs that could help improve the student body, mentality, and future work with service hours for college. We would like to bring recognition to students. We have heard reports of students feeling unrecognized, and some staff has noticed. We will keep you updated on recent club activities such as wins or losses in competitions, and showcase students of the month. Recognition is a primary goal we have while making our newspaper.

    “I want to see students and open events, like celebrations and people, a balance of news and community,” School Librarian Mrs. Womble said. 

    This newspaper is meant to connect us all, give real-time information, and list events. Most importantly, it is to let every student have an opportunity to express themselves and speak their truth.