DnD club


Our leaders!

Carlos Jackson, Copy Writer

     On the last Falcon day, Nov. 30, the DnD club met during club time. John Keller and Matthew Peel, the two current leaders of the DnD club, gave a presentation proposing that instead of the leaders choosing their successors, the members of the club should be able to vote for leader. Keller said he believed being chosen as the leader when someone else might have wanted to felt wrong. It is still unknown among the regular members if this new democracy system will be instated. Only time, and the leaders will tell. Unfortunately for those hoping to join the DnD club, as of this time, the DnD club is not accepting new members because it would disrupt the balance of the campaigns currently in play. For those who are in the club, don’t forget, we meet after school on Thursdays, and on club Fridays!

Look how joyous we are!