Rocketry Club Launches Into Competition


Rocketry Club meets up to prepare for the rocket launch.

Brian Murray, Editor In Chief

Update: On Monday, April 3, the Rocketry Team had their qualifying launches. They had two qualifying flights which, according to Applewhite, was better than half of the participating teams. They will find out Friday if they officially qualify for nationals. 

Our school’s Rocketry Club has decided to partake in the American Rocketry Challenge, a national competition providing the opportunity to countless middle and high school students to potentially win a $20,000 cash prize.

   The American Rocketry Challenge is the world’s largest rocketry competition with nearly 5,000 students competing nationwide, according to

   Our team is on track to submit their qualifying flight by April. 

   “It has to be a certain weight, height, and it also has to carry an egg,” Ms. Anderson explained. “It’s kind of like Robotics, where you earn points for different things, and you can be disqualified if any part of your rocket breaks.”

   Their goal is to build a rocket that will carry the egg 850 feet in the air, stay airborne for 42-45 seconds, and have a safe return. They hope to qualify for Nationals. First place at Nationals receives the grand prize cash award and the team moves on to the Paris Air Show in Paris, France this June.

   As of right now, only seven students are working to achieve this, and they are looking for three more participants to make a full team. Those who are proficient in AutoCAD, have strong math skills, or have a willingness to learn would make great additions to the team. 

   With help from their mentor Mr. Applewhite, who is coaching the team, they use unconventional materials efficiently to build the rockets. He also assists in providing expensive pieces such as motors.