Opinion: Can Money Buy Happiness?


Thomas Treviño

Student at Hill Country is attempting to buy out Amazon.

Andy Jaramillo, Associate Editor

Money has been around for a long time and it is essential to survival. Because of this, many people question whether or not money can buy happiness. Although it’s a necessity, not everyone feels content when they have enough to spend. It’s not the same as actual happiness, but money can buy things that make you temporarily “happy”. Everyone has motivation to do what they can in order to survive. Even though money is important, there is always that one person that makes memories or events special to us, and money wouldn’t matter at all if we were around them.

People need to have enough money to be financially stable and safe before they can be happy. Since people are trying their best to make a decent living, most have the mindset of survival. So, it would be understandable if they believed money could buy happiness. What they might fail to see is happiness itself comes from the things you’re able to do or create memories with such as friends, hobbies, or laughter. 

Of course, money is not everything in life, considering you can still be sad even if you are wealthy. Being able to go on trips, concerts, eat in fancy restaurants, or go out does sound fun, but if you’re not able to do any of this, you can still find happiness. Everything is meaningless without the people around you to make it special. You could be anywhere in the world or have everything you ever dreamed of, but it isn’t worth anything if you have no one to share it with. We can all wish for more money, but the moments you have are more important for your mental health than money can ever be.

Wanting more money can lead us to become greedy, with people tending to think they never have enough. Even so, earning money brings a sense of pride when you’ve saved up enough to buy luxury items. Money can buy materialistic things that can make you temporarily content, but is not something that is able to make you happy in the long run.