Where the Garden Came to Rest


Kyra Barstad

An open field found in Bullis County park at the beggining of summer. Normally littered with dozens of families enjoying the view as they explore the park.

Kyra Barstad, Associate Editor

Leaves covered in dewdrops glisten and glimmer

As if diamonds coated them with a shimmer

Winds blew and shook the trees

Causing leaves to twirl in the cool breeze

The leaves snugged against the glowing surface of the lake

Tinted golden hue in the rising sun’s wake

The lake, like a furnace, containing molten gold

leaves rippling its surface, a beauty to behold 


On the lake shore 

Pure white sand swayed with care

Wrapping around the treeline

An abundance of flowers growing near a beehive

Flowers in every shade, leaving no two the same

They seemed to dance as the wind came

It is hard to imagine it with no flora

Impossible to think of it without any fauna 


Farther into the flowers

Berry bushes grew in towers

Flowering fruits filled the air with a sweet scent

Calming even the bees as they came and went

Filled with life of all kinds

From bears and bees to even mankind

The garden was open to anyone


It’s sad to say that this is now all gone

It was a  beauty we should have left  alone

As we always seem to turn sand to stone