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Grace Under Fire: A track-by-track Review of “Eternal Sunshine”

This cover image released by Republic Records shows “Eternal Sunshine” by Ariana Grande. (Republic Records via AP
This cover image released by Republic Records shows “Eternal Sunshine” by Ariana Grande. (Republic Records via AP

Ariana Grande released her heartbreaking and heartful seventh studio album “Eternal Sunshine” on March 11. Grande announced her lead single “yes, and?” In an Instagram post on Jan.7 of this year. The song sent TikTok into a frenzy with both positive and negative reviews, some likening it to the playlist from an H&M store in the mall, with others praising the singer for exploring the house genre which is likened to its’ LGBTQ roots. Throughout the album, Grande exhibits and embodies her vocal gymnastics with vulnerable pop hits. 

The first song on the album “intro (end of the world)” sets the scene for the love-ridden and love-packed body of work. Despite the 1 minute and 32 second track length, Grande tells a yearning story of where her love lies, weaved together with angelic strings and sounds. 

The track following, “bye,” is a complete 180 from the heavenly melodies from the song before. Grande tells an enchanting story of release in a relationship and explores the feeling of freedom with her friends after saying goodbye to love. 

The third track on “Eternal Sunshine,” “don’t wanna break up again” is an extension of the danceable and upbeat retelling of a story of loss. In the song, Grande writes a heartfelt letter. Her heart set in each cursive lyric, while blatantly explains how she doesn’t want to mess with her lover’s head by continuing with the romance they have. “don’t wanna break up again” resonated with the vast majority of her fanbase, with each lyric pouring from the strings of her heart.

“Saturn Returns Interlude” features Youtube Astrologer, Diana Garland, in a philosophical speech about “getting real about life.” This is special for the pop icon as she’s recently rounded out the final years of her turbulent 20s and is coming to terms with the need to “sort out who she really is.” 

The title track “eternal sunshine” demonstrates Grande’s grace under fire and emotional generosity. Grande retells a story about betrayal in a relationship and coming to terms with what she went through. She then talks about her new relationship and how it differs from her previous one in every positive facet. 

“supernatural” demonstrates the shift in the album with a more positive outlook for her future in romance. Grande details the “supernatural” feeling of finding good, innocent love. She adds “It’s taking over me, don’t wanna fight the fall,” which details her excitement and willingness to fall in love again despite the storms her previous ones have harbored.

“true story” is one of many direct responses to the backlash Grande faced after getting into a relationship with Broadway’s Spongebob, Ethan Slater. Grande talks about playing the villain, and showing little to no sympathy for the relationship because she’s in love. The song, in my opinion, is one of her best, production-wise, and, while it fits perfectly with the rest of the tracks, it has a special distinction that makes it one her more memorable tracks on the album. 

“Eternal Sunshine’s” fan favorite, “the boy is mine,” is a continuation of her “I’ll do what I want” attitude, which is augmented by her strands of independence and messages that don’t have to be read in between lines to be understood. Throughout the album, Grande continuously references astrology, and in “the boy is mine,” Grande likens finding her love with Ethan Slater as the stars having aligned. 

Grande goes back to the saddening grievances of her previous relationships with “we can’t be friends (wait for your love).” The song is rumored to be ridden with references to her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who passed six years ago. With lyrics like “Baby girl, it’s just me and you” fans noticed a correlation to her having adopted Miller’s dog, Myron, following his passing. 

“I wish I hated you” is a vulnerable reflection of a past relationship, in which she yearns for a reason to hate her previous lover, singing “Wish there was worse to you, I wish you were worse to me” which exemplifies her craving for closure and validation. 

Her next song, “imperfect for you” returns to the hopeful nature of the album with genuine reflections on where she falls short, but acknowledges that her current partner loves her regardless.

The closing track, “ordinary things” features her grandmother who she refers to as “Nonna.” This song is a butter-smooth love letter, with hopeful references to the love she has. She describes the relationship to be completely unparalleled and unexplored with no need for material items when she has her lover. 

The album is a well-crafted masterful diary entry that she’s shared with the world. Grande shows her understanding of the ebb and flow of her love-life with freeing and contempt reflections of her volatile and passionate relationships, alongside an excitement for what the future may hold. 

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